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The 2022 Brasilia Chapter officially began with a practical focus

The 2022 Brasilia Chapter officially began with a practical focus

The Meeting of Focal Points inaugurated the activities planned for the Quito Process in 2022, within the Brasilia Chapter. The first half of the Brazilian Presidency had a methodological approach. Now, activities will focus on the substantive and practical content of the Quito Process agenda.  

The Pro Tempore Presidency of Brazil, represented by focal point Ricardo Rizzo, inaugurated the year 2022 and the programming of the second half of the Brasilia Chapter with the Meeting of Focal Points.   

With the presence of the diplomatic representations of the member countries, the Presidency presented its proposal for this semester, as well as the results of the consultation held for the Regional Strategy against Xenophobia; the advances of the consultancies on Process and Impacts; the planned schedule, with the proposal to carry on a face-to-face Plenary meeting in Brasilia; a health survey to be carried out among the countries, and the most recent news related to the Group of Friends.    

Chapter Brasilia 

The eighth round of the Quito Process was inaugurated last June 23, 2021. Brazil decided to continue working on the proposed thematic axes and to implement strategies and mechanisms consolidated throughout the Process, as well as to introduce other topics of its priority. 

Among the Brazilian priorities are, since the first day, Host Communities, Groups in situations of vulnerability and Youth. In addition, Brazil emphasized its interest in incorporating civil society into the Quito Process.  

With the longest presidency in the history of the Quito Process, Brazil defined two approaches. In the first semester, the country decided to focus on a methodological approach, and requested the support of two consultants for the review of internal processes and the effects of this intergovernmental initiative at a regional level.  

In 2022, Brazil began the second part of its strategy: a more substantive and practical approach, plenty of workshops, webinars, and high-level meetings.  

Meeting of Focal Points 

The meeting held last February 14, 2022, began by recalling the progress and activities that took place in 2021. Everything that has been carried out directly and indirectly under the Quito Process since last June 23 was shown briefly. In addition, the conclusions of the survey for the Regional Strategy against Xenophobia were also presented.  

About the calendar for 2022, Brazil proposed dates and deadlines, and sought to align with the countries regarding the activities that will be carried out so that the semester advances in a collaborative and dynamic way. A webinar calendar, the most significant events of the semester and some of the priorities that will be discussed in the Plenary were also presented. 

 Given that all the activities have been planned in a virtual environment during the last two years, the Plenary and closing ceremony of the Brazilian Presidency will seek to be held live in June, on a date yet to be confirmed. Thus, it will be possible to know the reality in the field of the Operação Acolhida, in Roraima, and to start the resumption of face-to-face activities with the appropriate sanitary measures.