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Sep / 2018
The First Declaration of the Quito Process is signed with the participation of 11 countries. The Declaration commits the signatories to facilitate the movement of refugee and migrant Venezuelan citizens and urges Caracas to take measures to provide identity and travel documents for its nationals.
Nov / 2018
Second Declaration of the Quito Process. The action plan is approved with three approaches: regularization of the migratory situation of Venezuelan nationals in the region; regional cooperation with Venezuela and other countries; International cooperation.
Apr / 2019
Third Declaration of the Quito Process. Greater emphasis is placed on seeking technical and financial cooperation to increase the action plan, and the commitment to the continuity of the Process is reaffirmed.
Buenos Aires
Jul / 2019
The fourth Joint Declaration of the Quito Process is signed and the Road Map of the Buenos Aires Chapter is approved, with multiple innovations, including the proposal for a Regional Mobility card, Centers for Reception and Assistance to Migrants and Refugees, in addition to the proposal to create a Group of Friends of the Quito Process, and the organization of a regional workshop on human trafficking, among others.
Nov / 2019
Fifth Joint Declaration. Specific regional actions are implemented and a call is made to each of the States to implement matters on the exchange of migratory information, Migration Information Card, Orientation and Reception Centers, socioeconomic integration and childhood, among others.
Sep / 2020
A total of 13 countries sign the Sixth Joint Declaration, which strengthens the Quito Process, and adds new challenges such as family reunification and the impact of COVID-19 on the Venezuelan refugee and migrant population. The Technical Secretariat and the Group of Friends of the Quito Process are also formally constituted.
Oct / 2020
The first meeting of Foreign Ministers of member countries and of the Group of Friends of the Quito Process is held. The first meeting of general consular authorities had also been held previously.
Nov / 2020
Peru receives from Chile the Pro Tempore Presidency. The Quito Process website is formally launched.
May/ 2021
Seventh Joint Declaration.
May/ 2021
Brazil assumes the Pro Tempore Presidency.