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The Quito Process presents a portfolio of cooperation projects for the Group of Friends

The Quito Process presents a portfolio of cooperation projects for the Group of Friends

To move towards the implementation and consolidation of the relationship between the member states and the Group of Friends (GoF), the Technical Secretariat prepared a portfolio of 19 cooperation project proposals, which were presented at a meeting on 30 November. 

By Isadora Zoni

The Portfolio of Cooperation Proposals was prepared based on the declarations and previous meetings of the Quito Process (PQ), as well as the discussions established within the framework of the Brasilia Chapter. These proposals would benefit from the support of the Group of Friends (GoF) and represent a response to the request to identify initiatives, activities or themes that could be prioritized and compose PQ’s Roadmap.

The effort to shape this document aims to strengthen the participation of the GoF, conceived after its incorporation into the PQ in the Santiago Chapter and the structuring of the terms of reference in Bogota.

The GoF's performance is structured in 5 objectives and 6 cooperation actions.

Its objectives include: 1) Making the Venezuelan diaspora visible among the priorities of the global agenda; 2) Raising the international community's awareness of the protection and integration needs of Venezuelan migrants and refugees; 3) Highlighting the response of PQ member states; 4) Providing technical and financial support to states; and 5) Mobilizing international solidarity from key actors and stakeholders to implement actions, programs, and projects. 

The actions, in turn, are composed of: 1) Technical assistance and capacity building and strengthening; 2) Organization of meetings and conferences to mobilize resources; 3) Strategic participation in relevant forums; 4) Engagement with the media; 5) Field visits in affected countries; and 5) Other proposals from the GoF or the Pro Tempore Presidency (PPT) and member countries.

The Brazilian Pro Tempore Presidency recognizes the great potential of the international cooperation effort and celebrates the notorious convergence of strategic points between the proposals presented and the initiatives also generated by the R4V platform together with the Priorities of the Group of Friends in the region.  

The objective of the Brazilian PPT is to give space to the countries to have a voice and advance in the portfolio proposals, in a representative manner, based on the needs and priorities identified.