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A Cross-Border Action Plan to ensure HIV coverage

A Cross-Border Action Plan to ensure HIV coverage

Argentina, UNAIDS and WHO led the HIV/AIDS issue, with a Transboundary Action Plan (PAT), on three highlighted action fronts, to continue advancing in 2022.

By Ana Gama Vieira

Brasilia, April 19, 2022 – In the Thematic Workshop led by Argentina, the leading country in the HIV/AIDS axis, a Transfrontier Action Plan (PAT) was presented, which is based on the particularities of each health system to guarantee coverage Attention to people in movement who live or are affected by HIV and have been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

During the Quito Process meetings held in Bogotá, Santiago de Chile, Lima and Brasilia, the HIV assessment continued to appear on the Process's agenda, thanks to the leadership of the United Nations Joint Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the World Health Organization (WHO). In particular, in the last Declaration, the States Parties invited the member countries to which they applied certain recommendations, among them:

"Strengthening the mechanisms of assistance and provision of health services to the migrant population with HIV/AIDS, improving the instruments that allow for the surveillance in order to respond adequately to the specific needs of this population.

Adopt the standardization of antiretroviral therapy and form a regional Commission to formulate a Transfrontier Action Plan, based on the particularities of each health system, and thus guarantee coverage of care for people in transit who live with HIV, accelerating the transition TLD (Tenofovir, Lamivudine and Dolutegravir).

To urge the countries of the region not to renounce their efforts to eliminate the stigma and xenophobia that affect HIV/AIDS patients, especially the migrant population, through continuous communication and awareness campaigns and specific targeted actions full labor and social integration of all those affected in their sheltered communities".

Argentina promoted the updating of the themes and tasks generated in the previous rounds of the Quito Process, sought to identify good practices so that they could be socialized by the relevant communication tools and promoted the approval of the Transfrontier Action Plan (PAT) in the framework of the presentation of international cooperation projects identified with the Grupo de Amigos.

Transfrontier Action Plan (PAT)
In the Brasilia Chapter, to continue advancing, at least three strategic lines were identified, specific to the Plan de Acción Transfronterizo, which could be developed.

The first action would be to prepare at least three centinela surveillance studies or rapid diagnoses on the situation of migrants, asylum seekers and migrants, and the health services at the frontiers and access to ART.

The second action would be to prepare a proposal for the standardization of antiretroviral therapy based on the acceleration of the transition to Dolutegravir in each country, as part of a face-to-face technical meeting of the countries involved in the Quito Process, with the participation of National Programs, NGO, civil society, regional networks of civil society and international cooperation.

The third action would focus on the elaboration of a sensitization plan and the application of campaigns and reports of complaints at the regional level to eliminate xenophobia, stigma and discrimination against people facing human movement, including those who live and are affected by HIV, to access health, education, social protection and justice services.

All the actors are aware that the success of the Transfrontier Action Plan (PAT) depends on the cooperation and commitment of the countries of the region on the basis of the particularities of each health system to guarantee the coverage of assistance to refugees and migrants who live or are affected by HIV. In this sense, Argentina reinforces its commitment to the Plan and invites other countries to advance together in this purpose.

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